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Radical Reading Group

Membership of the Radical Reading group is on a sliding scale basis. You can set your monthly payment amount before hitting the payment button.

£7 per month will allow us to cover our basic costs and administration time.

£30 per month will cover our basic costs, administration time, and will pay us for our labour in facilitating live discussions.

£37 or more per month will help to cover our costs in relation to members paying at £6 per month or less.

The minimum payment is £2 per month.

We ask you to make an initial commitment to 3 months of membership.

  • Set your monthly payment amount:
  • minimum subscription£2/mth
  • cover costs & admin£7/mth
  • cover costs, admin & facilitation£30/mth
  • support others' participation£37+/mth


Radical Reading Group

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